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Ingredient: Young barley grass powder


Features: The barley seedlings (also called barley leaves/grass), are the young soft stems and leaves selected with a height of around 20 cm. The seedlings in this period are in a vigorous growth period, rich in various nutrients, containing six fundamental nutrients and dozens of trace elements that the human body needs.


· Rich in dietary fiber, protein, calcium, vitamin B1

· Lowers acidity in body

· Promotes cell metabolism

· Improves immune system

· Drink in the morning or before consuming high sugar/high fat food for better results.


Serving Method: Mix powder with warm or cold water (not over 50℃). May also combine with milk, honey, juice, cereal powder etc. It is a normal phenomenon to have a small amount of precipitates. Please stir well and consume.


3g x 40

Barley Grass Powder (120g)

HK$138.00 Regular Price
HK$99.00Sale Price
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